What I’ve Observed About Talk-Shows

ho: Cat Deely and Ricky Gervais

What: Deely- Show host of “So You Think You Can Dance”; Gervais- Voice over on Spy Kids 4

Why they’re being spotlighted on this blog: To showcase the differences in which interviewers/media project people

In August this year, I was asked to be a member of the audience on David Letterman Show.  In the midst of pretending to laugh and clap, I deliberately noticed the differences in how Letterman interacted with his two guests.  The feeling and way the two different guests were personified was completely different.  Gervais, naturally funny (seriously, how could he not be with his looks and accent), came out in the interview to be a well-respected and in-control man.  Letterman capitalized on Gervais’s funny words and seemingly let Gervais control the conversation. Letterman asked him questions about his role in Spy Kids but also formulated questions around Gervais’s everyday life which was easy to relate to and charming for his audience.  Deely’s interview was different.  Letterman capitalized on Deely’s airhead remarks and controlled the interview in his favor.  She left the stage looking seemingly embarrassed for the way she was projected.  Deely does have a deep and inspiring background behind her becoming a show host in America, but she left the stage looking what I would consider to be foolish.  The way in which both of these successful stars was projected was do much to the way Letterman formulated his interviews/questions with them.

Alright, so what is the point of this whole post if this blog is all about inspiring stories?  The answer to that is simply projection. I wanted to include this story about the differences in interviews on David Letterman to show  that the media has such a huge influence on the way we view people and stories.  We can all formulate, cut+clip, edit, and remove parts from stories that would change the way many people view something.  Seeing half of the picture or removing part of an important quote can construct a story for just the way we want to project something.  Interpretation is up to the viewers or readers, but media outlets and people influence the way we view things.  We can’t always know everything and that is fact.  With all of the information and happenings in the world out there, it would be impossible for us to know the full story constantly because of the history, depth, location, dynamic, etc. of a story or person.  We can however, take in the stories but consider the way stories are reported and the fact that we don’t know everything.

That being said, inspirational stories and people are all around us.  Formulations of these stories and people that are reported in the media are not always 100% accurate.  However, don’t think that this is entirely a bad thing at all.  Some stories are much more inspirational than that which is projected.  Some stories could be expounded upon beyond measure.  Other stories could/should be more recognized in the media.  Others however, are over-projected, constructed, and edited.  The point is that we can’t be perfect in reporting the great and bad things around us.  We can however keep in mind that things are sometimes different than we think (even if media reported it to be one way).  Remember that, and consciously think about stories that you read to develop your own perspective on them.

P.S. WATCH THE CLIP OF RICKY GERVAIS ATTACHED AT THE TOP OF THIS POST! This guy is straight up hilarious.  I could listen to him for days. Funny people are absolutely inspiring.  

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