Sandra Bullock Bounces Back

Who: Sandra Bullock

What: Laid low for an entire year following a devastating divorce from Hollywood bad-boy Jesse James.  Now stepping back into the spotlight and in a big way.

Why we love her: down-to-earth and humor-full– consistently 

I read this article about Sandra Bullock months ago but the story has stayed in my mind since then.  I will be posting about more current stories from here on out, but I didn’t feel right without including this.  Something about the way Bullock carries herself is inspiring.  Even with the success of her career and the world watching her, she stays true to herself and her new baby-boy Louis.  I found the spotlight in the People magazine interesting because of the way they project her.  The questions and quotes they choose to incorporate from the interview with her personifies her in the light most of the public view her–as a down-to-earth, strong woman.  Bullock is an inspiration and has maintained her composure almost flawlessly before the

public eye; however, there is no doubt this article was well-written to capitalize on Bullock’s respected character.  We, as public, probably don’t know Bullock but for some reason we all feel so drawn and connected to her. We don’t know her on a personal level and don’t know of her struggles, alternate and more unfavorable characteristics. There is no doubt interviews People and other media outlets interview people differs.  Questions and quotes chosen for Paris Hilton would be abruptly different than that conducted with Bullock.  Maybe she is the American sweetheart we all personify her as, and I hope and will remain thinking she is but the way media projects her is just something to think about.  For now, Sandra Bullock, you are inspiring–and we need people like you to keep us believing in the good strong people in the world

(Interview questions, quotes, and article clippings to be coming soon.  You’ll want to read them–they will have an impact on your day!)

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