Hometown Hero

Who: Brady Jardine, Utah State basketball player

What: Down-to-earth, great person

Tonight, I found a story posted by a high school acquaintance (and wife of this athlete) about a Utah State Aggies basketball player making an appearance at a birthday party and impacting some kids for good.  I thought I would link the article here for you all to read! With the sports world now days, athletes are not always noted for the exceptional character and performances.  That dynamic combination is hard to come by.

This guy showcased in the article though has the package deal. I think one of the greatest things for kids to see is their sports heros being great people off of the court.  When a kid sees this, they automatically want to emulate their behavior because it is seen as ‘cool.’ Kids also see that basketball (or whatever sport) isn’t the only thing going on in the athlete’s life as well. When this local basketball hero showed up at a birthday party, he exemplified the importance of the everyday things in life.  He showed that even sports stars appreciate spending time with close family and friends in a normal setting. He also showed that everyone is equal and we are all in on this thing called life together. I’m so grateful for these sports stars who remind people, especially kids, that there is more to life than a game and people are more important than a that buzzer-beating shot.

In our society today, I think kids especially get the wrong idea about what is important because of the bad examples and media coverage that goes around.  Kids don’t see players in their everyday life, and for that we are grateful given the example set by some! (no names will be mentioned specifically, ha!).  But the athletes that set a good example off the court aren’t seen for their role in everyday life either. Some kids might think that their favorite sports stars life is simply the game.  If they see the way good athletes interact with people outside of basketball and see where their values lie, kids might be motivated to balance out life as well.  Aside from the athletes, crazy fans might be setting up a bad example for kids too!  I’m guessing you could probably think of someone off-the-top-of-your-head that gets so involved in a game that nothing else around them matters. Their team loses the game and the rest of the week turns into a fight. If kids repetitively see this behavior, obviously they are going to think the game is the most important thing going in life that matters.  So basically what I’m trying to say is this: I’m grateful for the people out there that have their head on straight and remember the important things in life.

I’m personally grateful for athletes like Brady Jardine that lift kids and those around them to be a little better as people–it’s not all about the game.  Thank you for being you!


(no, David Beckham isn’t the featured athlete in this hometown article)


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