Photo Kick

I’ll admit that I’m on quite the inspirational photo kick lately.  Yes, this is moving away from the blog purpose of finding inspirational stories of those around us in the media, but these pictures have a good purpose!  They give us the how/why part of becoming like these influential people in our world.  They give us a mindset that might be a little different than our own and remind us to work a little harder to become a little better. When I come across an idea of how to think a little differently, it sticks.  These messages serve as an “Ah-ha” moment that re-motivate me.  These pictures
below are very effective re-motivators:

Yesterday you said tomorrow.

I love this.. So often I let myself slack-off because I promise myself tomorrow I will change.  This basically just kicks you in the butt and calls you out for doing that. This reminds us that the problem remains when we keep saying tomorrow, everyday. Come on, that is pathetic.  We have the chance everyday to create the change we wanted to see yesterday.  So do it… and stick to it. Don’t say tomorrow again today–make the change NOW regardless of getting to that “Monday” that will be a good starting point for a new habit. You’re going to be much happier if you take initiative–regardless of how hard it will be.  Moral of this sign: Kick the habit.

It’s never a question of can you but will you?

This message speaks pretty loud to us as well.  It’s saying this: we all have the ability to do things beyond what we think we are capable of. The problem is we will never know how far we can run until we actually lace up our shoes and go for it. We make the excuse that we “can’t” do something when in reality we really can, just maybe have never tried. This picture illustrates beautifully that we can do things, it is just a matter of if you will or not. I like that the girl in the picture is in a “ready stance.”  This is effective because she is gearing up to take the initiative–she’s not sitting in her office asking whether or not she can do something… She has put on her cute running outfit and has stepped out to do it. (Evidently she has been doing this for a while too.  I mean seriously, check out those abs.  If that is not a motivation itself, ha!)

What did I take away from these two pictures in a nut-shell? We CAN DO THINGS and need to just get out and do them.  So there is my little interpretation and attempt at being an inspirational speaker myself, HA!

And guess what? Sometimes a a kick in the pants by an ad by Nike, the Better Life Campaign, Adidas, or whatever is exactly what we need to remind us of a mindset that successful inspirational people have. What works for you? Do you have a favorite inspirational photo? Let’s post it! Leave the link in the comments page and look for the future post with the collaboration of great photos.

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