We Are Stronger-Gold’s Gym

Everyone is always talking about how to be a little better.  A little stronger. A little smarter. To bed a little earlier. Love a little deeper.  Speak a little sweeter. The list goes on and on. Life is all about progress and what we all desire so strongly is to be successful at just that.  Stand-stills in life are scary.  We all can sense uneasiness in our own lives when these stand-stills happen and realize that can step up–in our own way. And for our own reasons.

One of the most common things people agree they can improve on is physical health.  This doesn’t come as a surprise as media has taken over advertisements–showing us the newest ways to get these sought after results. What are the most effective ads that you have seen? I mean, what commercial comes on that makes you want to jump up and go on a run?  What picture of Janet  Jackson style abs makes you want to buy an ab-lounge?  What is it that gets your motor running and your mind thinking you need to make a change?

Well, this commercial put out by Gold’s Gym did the trick for me–

Actually, I was at the gym on a treadmill when I saw this commericial for the first time but after watching this, my run was extended for another 15 minutes.  The point I’m trying to make here is what makes us tick? What inspires us and why does it do this? We all realize we need to make changes in our lives….but what media messages get the ball moving?  This message put out by Gold’s Gym really just did the trick for me because of relatability.  I realized that I could make a change and do it for my own reasons–some of which were listed in the commerical.  The simple commercial painted a powerful visual, mental, and emotional image that hit home–

What do you guys think?  Did this advertisement inspire and do the trick for you too?  Or what do you think would? Or what ones have?

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