J-Mac Revisited

So lately this story has been blowing up the news feed on facebook.  This story is about an absolutely incredible autistic kid named “J-Mac” who served as a team manager for a high school basketball team for years.  The coach finally allowed J-Mac to suit up in an actual uniform like the players for the final game of the season.There was originally no intention for J-Mac to play in the actual, however, in the final minutes J-Mac made an appearance on the court.  Story spoiler alert! J-Mac doesn’t only appear in the game, he completely tears it up. After his first three-point shot, people were amazed. After his second and third three-pointer? People were absolutely in disbelief and amazement.  I am also one of those who watched in utter disbelief and also with a vision of a complete miracle.

The story of J-Mac appeared on record in the media in 2006–I remember watching it back then on the ESPY’s as he received awards.  I remember smiling ear-to-ear as he walked up to the ESPY Award’s stage in a slick tuxedo to claim his prize.  Seeing this video again on Facebook reminded me of the miracles that do happen in the world everyday.  How cool is it that Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and the likes, allow us to revisit and post these stories again?  I encourage you to step out of your box on these social networking sites and re-post something that inspired you! You will never know how your post about a story that touched you will impact someone else.  I am amazed at the power and influence we can all have just by our new social-networking sites alone.

As for J-Mac, I love you.  I’m grateful that so many news networks picked up on this young boy.  I’m also beyond grateful that there are people in this world that chase after their dreams and passions regardless of disability, opinions, and odds.  With enough passion and drive put into your work you can be successful and even further, you can help others to be successful as well. The odds might be against you at times, like they were for J-Mac, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful.  All people need in this world is just one big break. Atta baby J-Mac, keep working hard.

He believes the world is his for the taking–regardless of what anyone says. Be the one who follows J-Mac’s principle. Don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of your dreams–

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