Preston Hadley…a Stud

Tribune Article

Who: Local football player, Preston Hadley

What: Worked towards his goal

This is one of those stories reminding us to never give up. It just so happens that I know this cute athlete so that makes this article all the better.  I can attest that Preston is a class act. But as I read this story about him, I kept thinking about the famous, classy quote by Michael Jordan here below.  Ironically, this quote has been on the little fliers floating around Utah Valley University recently so that serves as a great, gentle reminder.

A lot of times we get down on ourselves and feel overwhelmed with the world crashing down on us.  We start feeling like too many responsibilites, requirements, standards, jobs, tasks, to-do lists, goals, etc. etc. are weighing us down and we won’t ever make it to the top of where we want to be.  Along with these pressures, we might feel like we are just not good enough.  We experience failures time and time again that take a toll on our little hearts. Add in the pressures of society, peers, yada-yada telling us that we can’t and we just might as well eat our wheaties and head right back to bed. 

However, the people that get a head in the world are not the ones who go back to bed.  The people who rise above and succeed are the ones who take the hits.  They tell their offender thank you or offer them up an American wave (the bird).  There is no doubt pushing forward is hard when failures keep coming your way.  With persistance, you eventually will succeed.  Maybe you won’t achieve your exact goal, but you will reach accomplishment.

Preston Hadley, a local BYU football player, has done just that.  Actually, he has reached his goal but it wasn’t done easily.  He had to work his way to the top regardless of the hits that he took along the way.  He must have understood the principle that “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and pushed forward with confidence.  So moral of this post? We salute you Prest.

Never, ever give up on your dream.




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