Oh, Pinterest

This really inspires me.

And so does this.

And yes, after I do accomplish that yoga position above, I will absolutely be making cupcakes like these.

Both of these photos came from the big hit site “Pinterest.com.”  I absolutely have joined in on the craze and am more than happy when I see creative pictures of cupcakes, clothes, decor, etc.  Of course, I naturally love checking out the inspirational pieces that people have put on the site.  And trust me, there is plenty. 

I’ve already mentioned my position as a “Pinterest.com” fan but I wanted to just issue a warning here.  I was looking for fitness inspirational photos, quotes and stories on the site when I came across some pretty wacked-out stuff.  Some pictures and ideas were unhealthy and almost scary.  One of the pieces that I’m talking about gave advice for “how to look like this photo” of a girl with a clearly rockin’ bod.  All is fine-and-dandy until the list gets down to advice #10-55 that is basically telling you how to be anorexic. It said stuff like, “Drink ice-cold water instead of dinner but make sure it is ice-cold so you can burn extra calories.” I’m pretty sure if we are really that concerned with even the smallest amount of calories burned from drinking ice-cold water, we have a problem.  This isn’t healthy nor is it ‘hot.’ 

The point I”m trying to make here is that there is absolutely inspiring information on “Pinterest.com” that is worth checking out–and I personally do… probably a little too often to be honest ha!  But there is also some misleading, dangerous inspiring pieces that we need to be on the look out for.  Don’t be deceived and don’t fall into these traps.  Instead, look for pictures of crazy yoga positions that you someday want to accomplish and look for quotes that help you reach your own personal goals!

By all means though, check out “Pinterest.com” for your own inspiring ideas about basically everything under the sun. You just might LOVE it like I surely do!


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