Going Out in Style

Scott Carrier. 

This guy is a character and definitely beats his drum to his own melody. He serves as a journalism writing professor at good ol’ Utah Valley University and used to scare my little naieve self too death.  The guy is a bucket of knowledge and has written powerful articles about hefty tops like the Palestinian conflict, drugs, war, etc. etc.  His work has been published in the Rolling Stone magazine and he has written a book called “Prisoner of Zion.”  Basically, he is a power house that knows how to tell the truth in a clear,concise matter. 

Today we finished up his class and he issued us a final quiz.  Since we are a journalism class, we listen a lot to him speak and write down what he says as fast as we can.  So today we did this again and wrote down word-for-word interpretations of quotes by Sam Hamill of the book “Wen Fu.”  We were supposed to write next to the quote whether we thought the idea was true or false.  So basically, we all did this and stressed over what was the ‘right’ answer only to find out at the end of the quiz that Carrier was giving us all a 100%. That my friends, is the way to go out in style!

This isn’t a pointless post, don’t worry.  I wanted to include these quotes that we wrote on here for you all to see.  If you haven’t thought what you write or say was important or worthwhile before, I want you to read these and re-evaluate.  What you say does matter and you can make a different.

1. “Everything I wrote was true because I believed in what I saw.” -Jack Keroauc (one of the most powerful writers of all time)

2. “This is all I ask of the writer.  To be a hero, appoint herself/himself as a moral leader, wanted or not.  I believe that words count, that writing matters, that poems, essays, and novels–in the long run–make a difference.  If they do not, then in the words of my exemplar, Alexsandr Dyachenko, the writer’s work is no more important than the barking of village dogs at night.” -Edward Abbey

3. When cutting an axe handle with an axe, surely the model is close at hand.

4. When studying the work of masters, she follows the movement of their minds.

5. The writer stands in the center of the universe contemplating the engima.

OK, I’m pretty sure no one really understands #3-5…or least I hope not because they sure lost me from about the second word on.  But if you do understand, my hat goes off.  I think the words of #1-2 are beautiful and beyond well said.

Speak up, you matter.


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