I began this page because inspiring stories are my choice of reading material.  If you ever find me at a Barnes and Noble, you can basically count on me being back in the autobiography, sports, self-improvement, etc. corners. Or if I’m opening up a newspaper in the morning, you can imagine me automatically opening up to the sports and lifestyle sections.  I’m a sucker for the spotlight section,hometown-heroes, profiles, sports highlights, etc.  in the paper.  I’m also lover of the E Specials on inspiring people–I could watch Taylor Swift’s darling story over and over again.  And movies like “BlindSide”and the newest release of “Warrior”? These absolutely do me in. So moral of this biography is that I am passionate about reading the struggles, journeys, triumphs, joys, and over-comings of people all around us.

I started this blog to share some of my inspirational findings with you—I’ll be focusing primarily on inspiring stories that are making it into the media.  For some stories, I’ll analyze the coverage a little bit more in depth and for others, I’ll simply share. If there was something I could ask of you readers (bless your little soul for reading this!), it would be  that you follow-me, share, and comment!  I want feedback and more importantly, I want you to share inspirational stories you find worth reading/seeing. Let this journey begin


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